About Your Coach

I’m Phil Marsosudiro, the ADDexec Coach.

If you’re a professional with ADD/ADHD, I know two things about you.

  • You’re smart
  • You’re frustrated

As your ADDexec Coach, I’ll help you spend more time being smart and less time being frustrated.

  • Our ADD/ADHD work will focus on efficiency: doing your work well, and wasting less time and energy.
  • Our Executive work will focus on professional and strategic effectiveness: keeping you focused on the important things, and working with your strengths, preferences and values.

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About me

For 25+ years, I’ve worked with engineers, small business owners, artists, investors, and many more people who’ve shown me almost every way that a professional can succeed or fail. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder at age 29 (in 1996). With this diagnosis, I started to understand myself better, and started re-inventing my career in ways that would never have happened if I hadn’t learned that people with ADD do things differently.

I have B.S. in mechanical engineering (Brown University) and an MBA (UNC Chapel Hill). More importantly, I have decades of experience consulting with individual professionals (a third of whom seem to have had some form of Attention Deficit Disorder!) while learning how to work with my own ADD. These years of experience are ready to help you.

Call me at 919.491.4530! Or send an email.

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